PayForAll: Unrestricted payment solutions

Unified acquiring account for your business


An integrated set of payment tools for any business — from a small retail outlet to a global digital platform

  • Security

    Guaranteeing the timely transfer of funds and reducing the fraudulence due to a comprehensive anti-fraud system.

  • Convenience

    Detailed sales analytics, 24/7 support and a comprehensive tool set to manage financial operations.

  • Transparency

    No hidden fees or complicated price setting — with us, you’ll know exactly what you pay for and why.


  • Accepting multi-currency payments

  • Quick remote connection

  • To get started you don’t need any development

  • Payouts to cards and wallets around the world

  • Client support 24/7

  • Trade turnover on the same day

Receive your money quicker, more efficiently and at a lower cost!

Remote connection with a minimal documentation required

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